Accessories are attention-grabbers. Part of being stylish is in knowing how to dress for different events and places. Here’s rule of thumb to help you decide: A little of anything goes almost anywhere, but a lot of it goes only certain places. For example, rhinestones studs can go to school, but rhinestones chandelier earrings should not!


What to Wear When

Wear just a few informal accessories to school; keep everything small except for your book bag and maybe your watch.



What to Wear When

Fun, colorful things are great for hanging out with your friends or shopping. Choose a small shoulder bag to keep your hands free.


Out to Dinner

What to Wear When

Go for a pulled together look with a belt and some jewelry to dress up simple clothes. Carry a bag to hold your grooming gear.


Fancy Party

What to Wear When

Glittery and shiny things are perfect for special parties and weddings. Don’t overdo it- a few pretty things all you need.


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