Create a miniature oasis in a bottle. All you need to start a bottle garden is a large, empty sweet jar and some potting compost. Choose plants which will stay quite small; ask for assistance at your local garden center or florist. Some garden centers have bottle garden departments where they sell small plants suitable for this enclosed, small environment. Bottle gardens should never have the sun shining directly onto them (they would get too hot), but they do need to be in the light situation. Keep the soil moist. You may not need to water often if the lid is kept firmly on. Feed your bottle garden every two weeks during the summer. Decorate it using glass paints and outliners. Choose gold outliner for a stylish pattern or use black outliner and colored paint to create a stained glass effect on the exterior of the bottle.

You will need:

DIY Miniature Oasis

  • Sticks
  • Old spoon
  • Wire
  • Kitchen sponge
  • Cotton wool
  • Large empty sweet jars
  • Pebbles or gravel
  • Suitable potting compost
  • Suitable plants
  • Glass paints outliner
  • Glass paint

Steps to follow:

Step # 1:

DIY Miniature Oasis

Begin by making some suitable bottle garden tools. For a digging tool, use an old spoon attached with wire to a long stick. Use a piece of kitchen sponge wired onto a stick to press the earth down when you are planting. Lastly, you will need a cleaning tool. For this use a piece of cotton wool wired onto a stick (you may need a few of these to tidy up the bottle garden once it is planted).


Step # 2:

DIY Miniature Oasis

 Place a thin layer of pebbles or gravel in the base of the bottle. This will provide drainage for the bottle garden plants.


Step # 3:

DIY Miniature Oasis

Cover the pebbles with a thick layer of potting compost. Press the compost down gently using your sponge tool.


Step # 4:

DIY Miniature Oasis

Use the digging tool to place individual plants in position. Press the compost down firmly around the plants, taking care not to damage their roots.


Step # 5:

DIY Miniature Oasis

Use the cotton tool to clean up the sides of the bottle garden. Wipe away any smears or pieces of compost that have stuck to the sides of the jar.


Step # 6:

DIY Miniature Oasis

Your bottle garden is now ready to decorate. Choose the simple pattern and mark it out with the outliner. The stained glass effect will resemble a mini-conservatory.


Note: When choosing plants for your bottle garden choose low growing varieties. Keep the compost moist but do not over water. Feed your bottle garden every two weeks in the growing season.


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