For making these funny lips you will need:

  • Fine black felt-tip pen
  • Thin card
  • Scissors
  • Coloured felt
  • Black embroidery yarn
  • Large darning needle
  • Length of narrow ribbon
  • Needle and thread
  • Nontoxic, flame retardant polyester filling (batting)
  • Squeaker or bell (optional)

Steps to follow:

Step # 1

Using the template as a guide, draw a lip shape onto a thin card. Cut it out and place it on the colored felt. Draw around the shape twice and cut out.

Step # 2

Using the embroidery yarn, sew a line of chain stitch through the middle of one of the felt lip shapes.

Step # 3

Smiley Toys

Cut a short length of ribbon, fold in half to make a loop and sew the ends to the top of the other felt lip shape.

Step # 4

Smiley Toys

Put the lips wrong sides together and chain stitches them together using the embroidery yarn and leaving a small gap for stuffing. Stuff gently. If you want to insert a squeaker or bell, be sure to enclose it in a tightly-sewn cotton bag as a safety measure. Chain stitch the gap together.

Smiley Toys


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