Scary Dinosaur Roars


Join All DIY Club for incredible kid-friendly projects. You can enjoy these scary roars in dinosaur cave situated in Lake view park, Islamabad, Pakistan. The quality of project is so high that not only kids as well as adults can enjoy with the same spirit. A good number of dinosaurs are available for display along with their body movements like open and closing of their eyes and head and tail movements.

The most crucial aspect of this dinosaur caves is the scary voices of dinosaurs and smokey effects given by the team. This is more like a museum but given the real feels through sounds and body movements. It is very informative for the kids as it also provide information about the kind of dinosaurs and their era.

There is a 3D cinema attach with this Dinosaur cave to enjoy some dinosaur movie as well. Hope you like this video and will visit soon to enjoy the ride yourself. Follow the steps in the video tutorial and come up with this amazingly beautiful jewelry stand.


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