Liven up the fridge with a bright blue teapot or a friendly teddy bear fridge magnet. These fridge magnets are made from oven bake clay, which comes in a wide range of colors. Fruit and vegetable magnets look good in the kitchen, and a bright red apple containing a friendly little worm will bring a smile to everyone’s face when at the fridge door.

You will need:

  • Oven bake clay in a variety of colors
  • Knife
  • Clean surface on which to roll your clay
  • Small rolling pin or a suitable pen lid
  • Baking tray covered with foil
  • Magnets
  • Glue

Steps to follow:

Step # 1:

Before you begin, make sure your hands are spotlessly clean as dirt transfers to the clay very quickly and can’t be removed. Knead the clay in your hand until it is soft enough to use. Shape the teapot following the steps in the picture.


Step # 2:

Oven Bake Clay Fridge Magnets

The bear is made from dark brown clay. Make his arms and legs from short sausage shapes. Give him a bright red nose, a bow tie or even a colored hat! If the magnet doesn’t stick, glue it on once your model is out of the oven and cooled down.


Step # 3:

Oven Bake Clay Fridge Magnets

This carrot magnet is made from yellow and red clay mixed to give a good orange carrot color. Make the stalk from short rolls of green clay, squashed together.

Oven Bake Clay Fridge Magnets


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