Great Ideas to Transform Your Child Space

Great Ideas to Transform Your Child Space is part of the fun of having a family. Every child is an individual, but some design ideas will entrance many little ones, and also captivate their parents.

I love spending time with children- their curiosity, humor and instinctive reactions never fail to delight and they totally observe their surroundings and learn so many things from their environment. With just a little know how, some imagination and not too much money, you can create a special room for your child. If children see a room as their own space they love to spend time in it. 


Planning is one of the most important steps. You almost can’t do too much of this. Start early and by the time baby arrives you will have a room ready to welcome your newborn into the world. Firstly measure the room you have chosen for your child and make a scale drawing of the space. This need not be a work of art, but it must be accurate. Then draw in any, to scale, any pieces of furniture you already have for the room. Now you can go in to choose the rest. 


Moving onto next step is design. Remember that just because this is a room for a child, it doesn’t have to be traditionally childish. You don’t have to sacrifice your own taste and design ideas if you don’t want to. There is no reason why this shouldn’t be decoratively as much a part of your home as any other room. Especially when designing a nursery for a baby, you can stamp your own ideas on it, confident that the room will evolve naturally as the child grows. If the room is for older child, talk to him or her about it. Children often have surprisingly strong opinions and it’s a good plan to take them into account. 

Gather together cuttings from magazines, ideas from books and pictures of products you love and see where that collection leads you. An overriding theme or style may well come to the fore. Try to avoid this year’s fade ideas because they will date quickly and you, and your child, will tire of them equally quickly.   


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