Material required is:

  • 30cm (12in) blue denim felt
  • 8-10 squares of colored felt(including at least one green)
  • Madeira blue embroidery thread
  • 6, 12.5 (5in) cotton fabric charm squares
  • 50cm x 27cm (20in x 11in) blue cotton fabric
  • Ironing cloth or spare piece of fabric
  • Iron
  • General sewing requirements

Gracing the Table

Before starting your project read all the instructions carefully. From the blue felt, cut a 19in x 11in rectangle, and then cut six 4.5in squares from the same felt. Using the template shapes on the pattern given, trace them onto the desired coloured felt:

  • 10 small flowers
  • 10 small centers
  • 12 small leaves
  • 1 large flower
  • 1 large center
  • 2 large leaves

Place one small center flower and two leaves centrally onto each of the coaster squares. Using two strands of embroidery thread buttonhole stitch around the felt shapes.

Gracing the Table

Cut the charm squares to 4.5in. Match a charm square with the felt square with right sides facing and machine stitch around the coaster using a ¼in seam. Leave an opening for turning. Clip the corners and turn the coaster right side out. Give each coaster a light iron, using an ironing cloth or spare piece of fabric. Buttonhole- stitch around the entire coaster using a larger stitch than the other flowers.

Take the remaining small flowers, centers and leaves and lay them in each corner of the table mat, using the photograph as the guide for placement. Pin into position and then lay the large flower and leaves in the center. Buttonhole-stitch around all the pieces as for the coasters.

Gracing the Table

Match the blue cotton fabric with table mat and with the right sides facing, pin and machine stitch around the entire mat, leaving an opening for turning. Clip the corners and turn right side out. Iron lightly and buttonhole-stitch around the mat.

Gracing the Table

When completed, hand-wash in warm soapy water, rinse and lay flat to dry. When nearly dry, use a warm iron and ironing cloth to press out any creases.


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