Fashion accessories (and knowing how to use them effectively) can totally transform the most basic T-shirt and jeans into look loaded with style. A style is often about details –like what shape, color, and material something are made of, what kind of motif (like flower or stripes) it features, and what scale it is (very big, very small, or in between). The way these details are combined can create the specific look, like preppy or glam. Or the style can speak volumes about the girl who puts it together. No matter what you choose, you create an expression of your personal style every time you get dressed. So make sure your look includes lots of personality, lots of fun, and lots of you!

Style 101

Get Ready to Show your Style

What is style? It can be a look that you see in a book, in a magazine, or on TV and then recreate on your own. Or style can be original –something that you create on your own. You can change your style often, or pick one as a signature look. Just remember these two style basics as you explore:

  1. Remember that less is usually more- don’t wear all at once, even if you love it.
  2. Trust your instincts- if you like the way you look, you’ll communicate self-confidence!

Look at you!

What’s your best look? For clues, look in the mirror. Your own features can help you find a style that’s totally unique –and totally flattering. Note your coloring and face shape, then watch for these combinations for cool style tips for you!

Get Ready to Show your Style

  • Heart –shaped faces are widest across the forehead, with a narrow chin- like an upside down triangle. Someone with this face shape likes to balance this shape with eye-catching earrings.
  • Round faces have wide cheeks and equal curves- as if the bridge of the nose is the center of the circle. Along with round face if you have light hair, considers a dark earring that really stands out.
  • Oval faces curve pretty equally above and below the cheeks, but the face is longer than it is wide. Having olive toned skin and brown hair make gold-toned jewelry a great choice for her.
  • A square face is of nearly equal width at the forehead and jawline. With the combination of fair and pinkish skin, she looks for rosy accessories to match.

Find your face shape:

Get Ready to Show your Style

Have you ever noticed how the same pair of sunglasses can look amazing on one girl and silly on another? It’s all about face shape. Learning to complement your can help you find styles that are always flattering. Use this trick to find your shape, then leave fun finds your shape, then have fun finding the best looks for you.

  1. Hold your head still as you look in the mirror. Using a china marker, an inexpensive lipstick, or a bar of soap, make dots at the highest, lowest, and widest points of your reflection.
  2. Next, connect the dots with the lines that follow your hair and jaw lines. The result is a flattened version of your face shape.


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