Easy to make, you can have a scrunchy for every occasion. Sew them by hand with a running stitch or ask an adult to sew them for you, using a sewing machine. Thread them with elastic and decorate them imaginatively. Make scrunchies from ribbon, lace, velvet or dress fabric. A brightly colored toweling scrunchy would be good for the seaside or swimming pool.

You will need:

DIY Hair accessories for girls

  • Fabric and lace
  • Needle and thread or a sewing machine
  • Medium sized safety pin
  • Half centimeter wide elastic
  • Scissors
  • Sequins and glue

Step to follow:

Step # 1

Lace: sew a centimeter- wide hem along one edge of the lace. Use the safety pin to thread the elastic through the seam. Tie the ends of the elastic into a knot and shape the scrunchy.


Step # 2

DIY Hair accessories for girls

DIY Hair accessories for girls

Velvet: fold the fabric in a half lengthways, with the wrong side out. Sew a seam. Turn the velvet tube the right way around the pulling one end through the other. Sew a channel in a matching thread along one side and thread the elastic through.


Step # 3

Tartan: this attractive scrunchy is made in the same way as the velvet scrunchy. Use matching thread to sew the seams.


Step # 4

DIY Hair accessories for girls

DIY Hair accessories for girls

Sequin: make this party time scrunchy in the same way as the tartan and velvet scrunchies. Decorate it with the shiny sequins glued or sewn onto the fabric.


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