Keep needles and pins, thread and scissors safely to hand in this pretty, fabric covered sewing box. The box is made from two layers of thick card, each covered with polyester wadding and fabric, and then glued together. When you have mastered the technique you could make a small travel sewing box to match your home sewing box. A fabric covered box could also be used to hold handkerchiefs, hair bands, and scrunchies.

You will need:

Fabric Covered Sewing Box

  • Thick card
  • Scissors
  • Wadding
  • Half a meter of patterned fabric
  • Fabric glue
  • Half a meter of plain fabric
  • Elastic band

Steps to follow:

Step # 1

Fabric Covered Sewing Box

Decide on the size of your box. Cut the base from the thick card. Use the base to measure out the sides of the box. And cut the lid same as the size of the base. This will be the outer box. Cut out two complete sets of the card. Now cut half a centimeter off around the edge of one set of card pieces. This will be the inner box.

Step # 2

Fabric Covered Sewing Box

Glue a piece of wadding to the four sides of the outer box and cover each one with patterned fabric. Cover the outer lid and base pieces with patterned fabric. Glue a piece of wadding to each piece of the inner box, including the lid and base, and then cover these with plain fabric. (Choose coordinated fabrics for a stylish effect).

Step # 3

Fabric Covered Sewing Box

Glue the matching outer and inner pieces together. Glue the whole box together and hold it in place with the elastic band.


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