What could be more beautiful than giving the sweet touch to your garden through these terracotta crafts? It will add life to your garden as well as make your garden more stunning and elegant. These cute little crafts are very easy to make and cost effective. What you need is the clay pots, glue and some paints. Give some touch of your creativity and all you have is some fabulous creature in your garden.  It takes no time and good thing is you can also involve your kids in too, as there is nothing so technical here just some gluing and painting. You can go for some animals like turtles, frogs, ladybugs, snails etc or you can make your own pot family. You can also put some plants in these pots creatures. With your little creativity and time you can done amazing things in your garden. Here, we are giving you number of ideas on how you can use these pots in your garden.

Terracotta Garden Turtles


Clay Pot Animals


Spice up your garden with these Lady Bugs


Your Lovely Pot Family


What is more beautiful than having your own mushrooms in the Garden


Love for Minions


Funny Frog King


Happy bee is what you need in the Garden


Highlighting the House Number

Terracotta Racing Car


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