When it comes to decorating your home and ensures the comfort feeling at home then the essential part of this decorating plan is the cushions which might include floor cushions, seat cushions, pillow covers etc. Here we provide you number of ideas related to decorated cushions, you will love these ideas beautiful floral and decorated cushions. They are cosy and relaxing! Create any of them to enjoy their soft and comfortable nature and decorate your house with all your favourite colours and patterns. These cushions can also be used as for giving gifts. So it’s all depends upon you, want to decorate or want to give your love one a nice gift.

Magnificent DIY Flower Cushion

DIY Decorative Pillow tutorials

For this beautiful, soft and comfortable flower cushion all what you need is blue floral pattern fabric, blue plain fabric, brown plain fabric, needle, black thread, sewing machine, hot glue gun, scissors, polyester or cotton filling and pen. Now place the blue floral and plain fabric together and draw a flower petal. Stitch the two pieces of fabric inside out along the contour of the petal using sewing machine. Cut out the fabric petal and reverse it. Insert polyester fibre filling inside the petal. Repeat the above steps to make 5 more petals. Now you have 6 petals. Make two balls with the plain fabric of blue and brown colour and fill with polyester to make the centre filling of the floral cushion. Stitch to join one side of the 6 petals collectively to form a flower shape. Apply hot glue on the centre of the flower cushion. Glue the balls on the centre of the flower cushion i.e. blue ball in the front and brown ball in the back. When the glue is dry, the beautiful flower cushion is ready.


Easy Decorated Cushions

DIY Decorative Pillow tutorials

For this specific style of cushion you need a simple stitched cushion and fabric of blue coloured tones like navy blue, light blue and medium one. You also need a scissor and a hot glue gun for pasting. Cut the circles from all three fabric colours and paste them on the cushion with the help of hot glue. Wait for glue to dry and your beautiful decorated cushion is ready.


Fellow your yellow cushions

DIY Decorative Pillow tutorials

How lovely yellow is, it stands for the sunshine and warmness. What you need for this lovely yellow felt cushions is any color fabric for cushion and yellow fabric for designing, scissor and sewing machine. Cut the fabric of the cushion size. And cut the circles from yellow fabric. Stitch the circles over the cushion with the help of sewing machine as shown in the picture. Fill the upper piece of fabric for cushion and complete the cushion after stitching the lower piece of cushion.

DIY Decorative Pillow tutorials

Another beautiful yellow ruffle cushion is here. You simply cut the strips of yellow fabric and turn it as shown in the picture tutorial.


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