When we talk about creativity we find no end to it, more you use it than more you have it. You are never going to run out of it. This is the case in reusing the plastic bottles as well. Here we are giving you a large number of ideas and tutorials on how you can reuse these plastic bottles more efficiently at home.

DIY plastic bottle plants pot

DIY Jaw Dropping ways to Reuse Plastic bottles

DIY Jaw Dropping ways to Reuse Plastic bottles




These bottles can be environment friendly if you reuse them as pot for plants. You can decorate them to look astonishing.


Beautiful bird feeder from the plastic bottle

Another remarkable use of plastic bottle, convert them into gorgeous bird feeder.


Plastic bottles birds houses

If you have birds at home as your pets, you can give them house of their own by making a bird house from these plastic bottles.


Recycled the plastic bottle and a CD for plant holder


Recycled bottle broom


Holders from plastic bottles from organizing different things


Amazing floral candle holders from the plastic bottles

DIY flower earring from the plastic bottles


Plastic bottles flowers that looks out of this world



DIY plastic bottle stool


DIY plastic bottles apple boxes




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