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DIY Halloween Celebrations
Halloween is the spooky time of year. Make a hollowed-out pumpkin lantern. Carve a face on one side of the pumpkin lantern. DIY Halloween Celebrations. Carve a face on one side of the pumpkin and stand it outside your home with a lit candle inside. The golden candlelight will shine through the dark! For ghoulish fun try making this...
Card and Crepe Paper Party Hats
Making party hats is a great way of getting the party spirit going. These hats are quite easy to make from card and crepe paper and can be decorated with glitters and junk jewelry. Try your hand at making a complete set of party hats for special family meals and celebration. Make queen and king crowns for the grown-ups...
DIY Fishing Game
Fishing games always go down well at parties and games evenings. This fishing game is quite easy to make. The fish hooks and fish mouths are made from paper clips. You could also make fish in two colors or make several different sea creatures, such as fish and starfish. Then players can see how many of each they can...
Oven Bake Clay Fridge Magnets
Liven up the fridge with a bright blue teapot or a friendly teddy bear fridge magnet. These fridge magnets are made from oven bake clay, which comes in a wide range of colors. Fruit and vegetable magnets look good in the kitchen, and a bright red apple containing a friendly little worm will bring a smile to everyone’s face...
DIY Fun Project for Kids
This miniature farm can be made in an afternoon and could provide endless pleasure for a younger brother or sister. Stand it on a sunny windowsill to create a pretty country scene. Make a storage box for the farm from the matchbox covered with colored paper and decorated in the farmyard- style. You will need: Oven bake clay Modelling tool...

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