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DIY collection of earrings
Don’t forget to: Find earrings for aunt Jane’s wedding Pick out jewelry for lunch with grandma Shop for a cool pair of summer earrings Finish organizing earring collection Wishlist Seahorse drops   Gold-disk cascades   Playing card studs   Beads drops   Flat square hoops   Flip—flop studs   Heart and chain cascades   Cool curly hoops   Teeny cherry studs   Basket ball studs   Dangly star hoops   Heart shape hoops   Pink rhinestone studs   Green frog drops   Bohemian dangles   Flower—bead hoops   Hanging—dice dangle  
Be dashing with dangles & hoops
Dangles and hoop earrings are splashy and fun. The bigger and jazzier they are, the more attention they call to themselves—and you –so wear them when you really want to show your style. They look especially cool with short hairs; if your hair is long. You’ll look more sophisticated in dangly earrings or big hoops if you pull your...
Necklaces: DIY good ways to make Long and lovely necklaces
Long strands of beads make style accents; the chunkier they are, the more attention they grab. However, you do want to be sure that the length isn’t overwhelming. Here are two good ways to make long necklaces totally wearable. Tie a knot Put on a very long strand of beads and tie it in a loose slip knot somewhere below your...
DIY Hair Accessories
This pretty hair band will appeal to children of all ages. You will need: Pencil Plain colored hair band 6 different colored yarns Scissors Large darning needle Steps to follow: Step # 1 Using a pencil, draw your design onto the hair band. Step # 2 To start the embroidery, lay a length yarn along a pattern line, leaving a long thread at each end....
How to Pick the Perfect Jewelry for You
If you love necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, you’ve got the jewelry bug! Jewellery is a great way to finish off an outfit, add lots of personality to a look, and make your face and hands look pretty. You can totally change the look of an outfit by changing the jewelry you wear with it. In this blog, we’ll...

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