Dangles and hoop earrings are splashy and fun. The bigger and jazzier they are, the more attention they call to themselves—and you –so wear them when you really want to show your style. They look especially cool with short hairs; if your hair is long. You’ll look more sophisticated in dangly earrings or big hoops if you pull your tresses back.

Swing low:

Pick dangles that hang freely from your ears. If they’re so long they drag on your shoulders, they look silly, not cool.

Be dashing with dangles & hoops

In the loop:

Round, oval, or crescent-shaped, hoops come in many sizes. A size that hangs above or below—not at –the corner of your jaw is most flattering.

Large plain hoops are the ultimate basic –here, gold ones are dressed down for everyday wear.


Big on glamour

Small hoops go anywhere. Break away from the classic solid-metal version with this trendy beaded pair.

Be dashing with dangles & hoops

Catch the light with long, lean dangles ending in pearly pink drops.

Be dashing with dangles & hoops

Gypsy disks and funky beads give these chandeliers a bohemian flair.

Style Tip: if your face is round, try square or star-shaped hoops for a cool contrast.



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